Nagaoka University of Technology
Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute


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Extreme Energy-Density State (EEDS) is a state of extremely high temperature and high density, which does not exist naturally on the earth. By creating EEDS in the laboratory, new fields of applications become possible such as in material synthesis, light-source develop-ment, waste-disposal and flue-gas treatment, etc.

In Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute (EDI), the only research institute on EEDS in Japan, research and development are accomplished on generation and applications of EEDS.


Feb. 20  Collaborative research on nuclear self-healing material studied by Prof. Suematsu, Nakayama, Dung at EDI, Dr. Thorogood at ANSTO (Visiting Professor), Prof. Son at Kushiro Kosen and Prof. Okawa at Tohoku Univ. has been introduced in ANSTO web site.

Jan. 28- Feb. 1 Prof. Suematsu and Prof. Nakayama organized 48th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites( ICACC2024) in Daytona Beach, USA. Both Delivered invited talks.